R/V “Akademik M.A. Lavrentyev” will be rigged with a new Russian-made geological equipment.


National Research Fleet Manager (NRFM) is currently working on R/V Akademik Lavrentyev upgrading.

The Russian deep-water research equipment design and manufacture "HYCO" Company Ltd. visited POI FEB RAS on 11 October 2022. The key issues covered the topics of the state-of-the-art research vessels technologies and equipment, as well as specified geological equipment for the R/V "Akademik M.A. Lavrentyev".


Meeting Participants: representatives "HYCO" Company Ltd. and POI FEB RAS

Recently double bucket grab sampler "TV grab DG-1" has been installed. It is designed for sampling solid mineral deposits at depths up to 5000 meters. Next year TV grab GK-6T is scheduled to be set up.

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The research work by means of this geological equipment opens the door for successful research deliverables following the order of the President of the Russian Federation to develop marine & ocean mineral resource base.