Ilichev guyot (Magellan Mountains, Western Pacific)

Coordinates: 16°55' N; 152°05' E

Minimum depth: 1340m, height: 3.600m.

Slope steepness varies from 4-7° to 25°.

Proposer: "Yuzhmorgeologiya" State Research Center, June 2006.

History of discovery and research: the guyot was studied in 1986-1989 (r/v “Morskoy Geolog”), 1988 (r/v “Akademik Nesmeyanov”), 1989 (r/v “Sever”) with a single-beam seismoacoustic echo sounder.

Submitted by: GEBCO Sub-Committee on Undersea Feature Names (SCUFN)June 2006

Named after Academician V.I. Ilichev, oceanologist and acoustician, director of POI FEB RAS (1974-1994).


Headed by V.I. Ilyichev, the Sukhumi Marine Research Station was transformed into a large scientific subdivision to conduct fundamental and applied research in the field of hydroacoustics and hydrophysics for purposes of USSR defense (1955-1974).

Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation (September 5, 2011, No. 736, Moscow) "On assigning name to a geographical object in the Pacific Ocean"

In accordance with the Federal Law "On the names of geographical objects", the Government of the Russian Federation decided: Based on the submission of the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography, to assign the name "Ilichev Guyot" to an unnamed seamount (guyot) located in the Pacific Ocean (16° 54.6 ' N and 152° 05.2' E).

Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation
V. Putin