Konstantin V. Koshel

Science degree
Academic title
associate professor
+7 924 1312502
Key publications


  1. Кошель К.В., Шевцов Б.М., Славутский Л.А. Распространение УК и СВЧ радиоволн над морем // Владивосток, Дальнаука, 1993, 160 с.
  2. Пранц С.В., Кошель К.В. Хаотическая адвекция в океане // Москва-Ижевск, Ниц. ‘Регулярная и хаотическая динамика’, Ижевский институт компьютерных исследований, 2008. – 364 С.



  • M. Sokolovskiy, K. Koshel, and J. Verron, “Three-vortex quasigeostrophic dynamics in a two-layer fluid. Part 1. Analysis of relative and absolute motions,” J. Fluid Mech. 717, 232–254 (2013).
  • K. Koshel, M. Sokolovskiy, and J. Verron, “Three-vortex quasigeostrophic dynamics in a two-layer fluid. Part 2. Regular and chaotic advection around the perturbed steady states,” J. Fluid Mech. 717, 255–280 (2013).


Contributions to conferences

2016 Parametric instability of point-vortex systems in a multi-layer flow under linear deformation. Nonlinear processes in atmospheric and oceanic flows, 2016, July 6 - July 8, p. 27. 2016, Madrid, Spain.

Area of expertise
  • Geophysical hydrodynamics
  • Vortex dynamics
  • Radiophysics
  • Wave theory
  • Theory of random processes and field theory
  • Dynamical systems theory
Involvement in national and international projects

Russian Foundation for Basic Research (Russia) and French National Centre for Scientific Research (France) project: "Subsurface meso- and submeso-scale vortexes in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans"

Research fellowhsip affiliation
European Mechanics Society (EuroMech)
American Meteorological Society (AMS)
  • Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (1983), Physical Engineer in Automatics and Electronics
  • Gorky Radiophysical Research Institute (1987), Ph.D. in physics and mathematics