Intellectual work of Geosphere Physics Laboratory, POI FEB RAS, published in Sensors international research journal


Grigory Dolgikh, Sergey Budrin, Stanislav Dolgikh and Aleksandr Plotnikov. Supersensitive Detector of Hydrosphere Pressure Variations. V.I. Il’ichev Pacific Oceanological Institute FEB RAS



This paper presents an instrument based on an equal-arm Michelson interferometer and a frequency-stabilized helium-neon laser. It is designed to record hydrosphere pressure variations in the frequency range from 0 (conventionally) to 1000 Hz, with accuracy of 0.24 mPa at sea depths of up to 50 m. The operating range of the instrument can be increased by order of magnitude by improving the registration system speed, and accuracy can be enhanced by using larger diameter membranes and/or their smaller thickness.

The paper demonstrates some experimental results obtained on the supersensitive detector of hydrosphere pressure variations, confirming its high performance in the infrasonic and sonic ranges.

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