POI FEB RAS at 5th Global fishery forum& seafood expo Russia


Fifth Global Fishery & Seafood Expo Russia 2022 were held on 21-23 September in St Petersburg.

This year, the forum and the exhibition were attended by more than 400 organizations. Official delegations from Argentina, Mauritania, Belarus, Myanmar, Guinea-Bissau, Abkhazia, Indonesia, Senegal and Gambia were participated in the event. Two delegates from POI FEB RAS Dr. Sc. Denis V. Makarov, Deputy Director for Science and Dr. Michael Yu. Uleysky, leading researcher of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems Laboratory participated in forum activities, including the roundtable “Fishery Science Trends

The following topics were discussed:

  • Ways to improve fisheries research management ;
  • Scientific and technological progress and its impact on research on aquatic bioresources and their habitats;
  • Strengthening the position of Russian fisheries science in the global knowledge system;
  • The position of Russian science in the global system of aquatic bioresource and habitat research;
  • Resource research in terms of international cooperation.

In addition to it, our delegates negotiated with the administrative leaders of the Federal State Budgetary Institution "Center for Fisheries and Communications Monitoring System" about the development of a favorable areas monitoring system.


Dr. Sc. Denis V. Makarov, Deputy Director for Science at the roundtable “Fishery Science Trends”