Laboratory for Ocean Research Equipment Development

Unit number
Department title
Ocean Research Equipment
Lab team
  • TAlexander A. Tagiltsev, Ph.D., associate professor, head of laboratory
  • Mikhail S. Lebedev, Ph.D., researcher
  • Mikhail Y. Cheranev, lead engineer
  • Gennady P. Shvetsov, lead electronics engineer
  • Rudolf A. Goncharov, lead electronics engineer
Research area
  • tools and techniques for studying hydrophysical parameters of marine environment
  • experimental studies in the field of low-frequency acoustic environmental sounding
  • development of microprocessor-based measurement automation devices on autonomous oceanological equipment

Equipment designed and in operation

  • hydrophones and sound pressure gradient receivers
  • digital paths for measuring temperature and pressure for stationary and towed sonar systems
  • sound velocimeter
  • current meter
  • digital thermistor chain and on-board multi-channel temperature recorder; multi-channel stand-alone profiler.
Lab team